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Byte Damage

Byte Damage is like a trip into an 80's neon-hell, lost inside a virtual processor overrun with deadly viruses and trojans. Guide your function through the corrupted primary core, collect all 8 key bits on each level to unlock the exit, battle the infection and data anomalies as you go, and hope you escape with some of your backups intact. Find out more on the Byte Damage page.


Quantangled is an experimental project, an action adventure platform game with puzzle elements and a heavy science fiction influence, featuring quantum entanglement, teleportation, cloning and parallel dimensions. Read all about it on the Quantangled page.

Overwound Fiction

Short story extract: The Pie Man's Apprentice

...Late that night the Pie Man prowled the back streets, the narrow passages, under bridges, the dark places, and the hidden places, where things were lost and things could be found. And in these places he would find the homeless, and the hungry, the destitute that could so easily be led astray on the promise of a shiny penny, or the prospect of a free meal...

Short story extract: Demon Seeds

...He stared at it long and hard. Was it beginning to look slightly skull-like? Were those eye sockets or just a trick of the light? He was tired and probably imagining it; he needed more sleep, he decided, and promised himself an early night...

Read these and more of my short stories over in Overwound Fiction.

Overwound Code

Mesh Tools

I'm currently working on some mesh tools that plug in to Unity 3D that should help anyone else who's building games and levels in the editor.

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