Byte Damage - neon-soaked arcade action

Byte Damage is an exercise in fast, frantic gameplay with a simple control scheme - click/tap or drag/slide to move, click/tap to shoot - as satisfying to play on PC/Mac as it is on tablets and phones.

Byte Damage is like a trip into an 80's neon-hell, lost inside a virtual processor overrun with deadly viruses and trojans. Guide your function through the corrupted primary core, collect all 8 key bits on each level to unlock the exit, battle the infection and data anomalies as you go, and hope you escape with some of your backups intact.

This Unity-driven, single player experience will initially target PC, Mac and Android, with other platforms possible at a later date. Sound and music is currently being produced by Overwind, the musical sub-label of Overwound Entertainment.

Early Gameplay Footage

Video download links: ByteDamagePreview.wmv ByteDamagePreview.mp4

This early footage represents work-in-progress. The game is still being tweaked, polished and expanded. The framerate is occasionally a little jumpy here due to capturing at 1280x720 on a 10 year old PC! The game plays smooth-as-silk on that machine without Fraps running, as it does on my Android Galaxy Ace II at 800x480 and Kindle Fire HD at 1280x800.


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